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Pollard English aims to enhance the English language skills of its students so they can continue on their academic or professional journey confident in their ability to communicate in English.

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An Academic and Australian Curriculum

Our curriculum is focused on teaching students about Australia through learning experiences that encourage critical analysis and intelligent thought.

At Pollard English we understand that our students are learning English to enhance their careers.

We have a complete approach to a student's learning journey to support their classroom learning of English and their practical use of it.

On arrival we work with students to help them find employment in a casual position.

In the classroom our curriculum is designed to help students understand complex topics and develop practical skills using English for employment and study.

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Study and work in Australia

Pollard English believes working helps students to improve their English. We work with students to help them find employment with our local businesses.

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Estudiar Inglés y trabajar en Australia con Pollard English

Pollard English cree que trabajar ayuda a los estudiantes a mejorar su inglés. Trabajamos con los estudiantes para ayudarlos a encontrar empleo en nuestros negocios locales.

Estudia Inglés